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Environmental consultancy

EcoLAN Engineering and Environmental Consultancy offers the solution so that your company give the first step toward the environmental management: The advice of a group of experts in environmental topics.

From the application of management systems, to the launching of new environmentally improved products, the help of an expert group is key to get best results.

Environmental Consultancy. Te asesoramos en aspectos medioambientales, environmental formation, ecodesing y cualquier necesidad medioambiental que requiera tu negocio.

What does your company want to develop?

  • Application of a Management system
  • Application of the ecodesign standard
  • Management of administration grants
  • Life Cycle Assessment of products
  • Advice in environmental legislation
  • Formation in environmental topics

We have to get in mind that the bet for environment, is the bet for the quality and the money saving.

Ideas ambientales de negocio. Hacemos tu negocio compatible con el medioambiente.

Environmental services

Our company offers environmental engineering solutions, ecodesign and all type of projects for the sustainable development of the companies.

Innovative environmental services.

Sustainable development

"To satisfy the necessities of the present without committing the capacity of the future generations to satisfy their own necessities".

With this definition we offer our consultantship services in sustainable development.


Contact address:

c/ Beheko Kale nº13 Bajo
CP 01.170 Legutio (Álava)

Tel: 945 455905
Fax: 945 455930