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Environmental Engineering

The environmental engineering, can be defined as the study of environmental problems, keeping in mind the ecological, social, economic and technological dimensions. The target is to propose an integral solution, which allows maintaining the planet at the same time that it guarantees the execution of the effective environmental legislation.

In the different chapters the more interesting concepts related with the environmental engineering will be approached.

Environmental engineering topics:

  1. What is the Ecodesing?
  2. From where the concept of Sustainable Development comes?
  3. What types of environmental impacts exist?
  4. How is an environmental analysis carried out?
  5. How to fulfill the environmental legislation?
Environmental engineering: ecodesign, sustainable enviroment, life cycle assessment, environmental legislation and environmental analysis.

Environmental services

Our company offers environmental engineering solutions, ecodesign and all type of projects for the sustainable development of the companies.

Innovative environmental services.

Sustainable development

"To satisfy the necessities of the present without committing the capacity of the future generations to satisfy their own necessities".

With this definition we offer our consultantship services in sustainable development.


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