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Environmental Engineering

EcoLAN studies the environmental problems in an integrated way, keeping in mind its ecological, social, economic and technological dimensions, with the objective of promoting the sustainable development, obtaining the best benefit for our customers.

The studies include the realization of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and the ecodesign of products.

EcoLAN has specialized staff for:

ecoLAN - Ingeniería y Consultoría Ambiental
  • Plan the sustainable use of the environment.
  • Propose environmental policy.
  • Elaborate studies of Life Cycle Assessment.
  • Application of Environmental Systems.
  • Mitigation, measure and control of polluting processes.
  • Diagnose and evaluate environmental aspects.
  • Elaborate environmental solutions.
  • Investigate environmental processes.
  • Monitoring natural resources.

Environmental services

Our company offers environmental engineering solutions, ecodesign and all type of projects for the sustainable development of the companies.

Innovative environmental services.