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Environmental impact assessment

ecoLAN offers the possibility to make evaluations of environmental impact.

We evaluate the duration, magnitude and reversibility of the alterations caused by a product, process or activity in the environment, independently of their adverse or beneficent nature.

Contrary to the LCA, the evaluation of environmental impact keeps in mind the "exhibition", this is when, where and how the emissions are liberated in the atmosphere, essential factor to evaluate the real impact.

The same as the economic, financial, institutional analyses, the environmental evaluation is part of the preparation of a project. The objective of the environmental evaluation is to assure that the development options under consideration are adapted environmentally and that all environmental consequences are known before the phase of execution, in this way we are able to minimize, to attenuate, or to compensate the adverse impacts.

The environmental evaluation

  • It facilitates to treat the environmental problems in a practical way
  • It reduces the necessity to impose limitations to the project, because it can take the appropriate steps in advance or to incorporate them inside the design of the project
  • Helps to avoid costs and delays in the implementation

EcoLAN recognizes, interprets and it diagnoses environmental negative and positive impacts, evaluates the damage caused in the atmosphere and propose integrated solutions according to the effective environmental laws.

An environmental evaluation for a specific project should take into account:

  • The current environmental conditions
  • The potential direct and indirect environmental impacts
  • The opportunities to improve the environment
  • The environmental comparison among the existent alternatives
  • The preventive, extenuating and compensatory measures
  • The environmental training
  • The monitoring

EcoLAN carries out this evaluation of environmental impact providing a quantification of the capital and the periodic costs, the selection requirements, the staff training and the benefits of the alternatives and measures proposals.



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