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The Life Cycle Assessment

EcoLAN makes Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of any product, process or activity through those recognizes, interprets and diagnoses possible environmental negative impacts and proposes integrated solutions according to the environmental laws.

The Life Cycle Assessment of a typical product keeps in mind the supply of the materials, the manufacture of those, transport, the production processes, the containers, the use of the product and the wastes generated by its use.

To carry out those analyses ecoLAN quantifies:

  • The use of resources, the inputs to the system and the outputs that could be energy, materials…
  • The environmental emissions taken place during the whole Life Cycle, could be emissions that affect the air, the floor.

Main steps in Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)

The LCA is not an evaluation of risk and this is due to that LCA doesn't have into account the exposition that is an essential factor to evaluate the risk. The LCA quantifies the emissions, but the real impact of those emissions depends of when, where and how they are liberated in the atmosphere. LCA is one of the tools that evaluate the products, containers and processes. After the LCA, the different environmental impacts of each one can be evaluated.

Main steps in Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)

EcoLAN carries out material and energy balance of the systems searching to increase the effectiveness of the system, with special emphasis in the interpretation of the results and proposal of practical initiatives in function of the objectives settled down by its customers. Since each of the phases in the life cycle of a product is kept in mind, the apparent improvements must be avoided because them could influence negatively the other phases of the life cycle and in this way avoid changing a problem for another.

On the other hand, the LCA is closely related with the Eco-labels, distinguishing characteristic that guarantees the execution of some environmental approaches. There are several Eco-labels in the market. EcoLAN carries out comparative studies that allow the customer to find the appropriate Eco-label for its business or sector.

Make this small discussion

  • What differ between the possible environmental impact of a new product and other products of the company?
  • What differ the existing processes for production between the two products in terms of use of resources and emissions?
  • Which are the contributions of the different stages of the life cycle of this product to the total emissions?
  • Is needed to carry out an analysis of the socioeconomic impact of products or processes?
  • Is need to carry out some consultation in environmental matters?

If you need help to find the answer to anyone of these questions, contact with us.

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