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Management systems and environmental audits

The Environmental Management Systems (EMS) allows the company to incorporate the environment to the general management of the company, giving a strategic value and an advantage against other competitors.

Environmental Management Systems gives the company a working tool to systematize the best practices and to assure gradual improvement..

EMAS mark.

A Environmental Management System, at the moment two voluntary standards exist, allow the company to obtain the certification or the registration. Those are the international standards ISO 14001 and the European Regulation EMAS.

ecoLAN can advise to the companies during the implantation of the environment Management System as well as with the Ecodesign Management System (UNE 150.301). The implementation of a Environmental Management Systems supposes for the company a series of market benefits, economic, improvement of the image, for example:

ISO14001 mark.
  • The elimination of barriers in international markets.
  • The execution of some customer’s requirements or the possibility to capture sensitive customers with the environmental topic.
  • The reduction of the expenses in electric power, fuels, as well as a reduction in the emissions and wastes treatment.
  • The possibility to obtain better valuations in public purchases.
  • Fulfilment of great number of legal requirements related with environmental topics.
  • Decrease of amounts of certain insurances.
  • The obtaining of certain legal excuses (for example, excuse of financial guarantees' presentation in the future law of environmental responsibility).

Internal audits of the management systems

The application of a management system, either quality or environmental requires the realization of internal audits to know the points to improve previous to the visit of the certification entity.

EcoLAN could help in this process showing the points to improve and trying to correct them for the certification. To minimize the initial costs of application, ecoLAN could help to negotiate grants to this effect.


Sustainable development

"To satisfy the necessities of the present without committing the capacity of the future generations to satisfy their own necessities".

With this definition we offer our consultantship services in sustainable development.


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