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Products and materials recycling and audits for treatment companies

ecoLAN due to their experience working with companies of the sector, knows very well the processes for recycling of wastes, mainly the recycling of Waste of Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE), recycling of materials in general and specific processes for plastics.

For the recycling of WEEEs ecoLAN has worked with all the important treatment plants in Spain, our relationships and contacts allow us to know and to have the collaboration of the most modern and efficient treatment partners in this sector.

During this working time with treatment partners of WEEE one of the ecoLAN responsibilities has been the control of the destination and final treatment of the different fractions of materials, among others ferric metallic fractions, non ferric metals, aluminium, copper and mainly plastics.

Most of the materials have well-known recycling processes for example for most of the metals, where the important technological processes are those related with the separation of the different metals so those can reach the highest value in the market.

However the processes for recycling of plastics are still being developed and being improved, many plastics still finish in land filling or in incineration plants due to a bad management of these wastes.

Products and materials recycling and audits for treatment companies.

ecoLAN has worked with the most advanced treatment plants for plastics of Spain and of the world, and we know the last recycling processes that get better profits from these materials so the companies with this type of materials can optimize the management.

Regarding investigation projects ecoLAN has also experience in many projects related with the technologies for recycling plastics, projects where we have studied the chemical recycling for plastics and others oriented to improve the treatment of plastics for different companies. For this type of projects ecoLAN is able to look for support and assistance that allows the development of these projects with the minimum investment.

Audits for treatment companies

On the other hand ecoLAN collaborates with the Integrated Management Systems of WEEEs in the audit and evaluation of the different treatment plants, those audit processes are carried out following the procedures fixed by the Management System and developed at European level among different systems of different countries.

The ecoLAN’s capacity to advise new projects in this sector of recycling is very important, because he have a lot of contacts with well-known companies and also among the main machinery producers of Europe, with some of them we have worked in different projects.


Sustainable development

"To satisfy the necessities of the present without committing the capacity of the future generations to satisfy their own necessities".

With this definition we offer our consultantship services in sustainable development.


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