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The environmental impact

The environmental impact is the alteration, positive or negative, produces by the human action on the environment and even on the own human health.

From the point of view of the product, the industrial processes needed for the obtaining of a certain product, originate direct negative impacts. It is considered that 80% of these environmental impacts related with the product is determined during the phase of design of the same ones.

Therefore, working the phase of design of the products, significant reductions of environmental impact can be gotten.

Finally, it is necessary to distinguish between the ASPECT or cause of the environmental alteration and the IMPACT or the alteration in if.


The environmental impact and its cause

More common environmental impacts and their main causes.

Table 1: Common causes of the environmental impact.
Contamination of the water
  • Poured water with toxic substances.
  • Poured of residual waters.
  • Poured to high temperatures.
  • Eutrofization.
  • Decrease biodiversity.
Contamination of the floor
  • Uncontrolled deposition of residuals.
  • Escapes and accidents.
  • Underground and superficial water contamination.
  • Lost of the biodiversity.
Natural resources exhaustion
  • Irrational consumption of natural resources (Matter prevails, energy, dilutes, floor).
  • Lost of the biodiversity.
  • Exhaustion resources.
  • Contamination.
  • Deforestation.
Atmospheric Contamination
  • Mobile emissions sources (transports).
  • Fixed emissions sources (industry, homes, drains…).
  • Reduction layer of ozone.
  • global warming.
  • Sour rain.
  • Smog.
Local effects
  • Source of noise, vibrations, scents coming from different activities.
  • From nuisances to irreversible damages.

All these impacts can alter negatively the environment, an of course, the human health.

What is the…?

The eutrofization: Massive contribution of inorganic nutritious in an aquatic ecosystem, especially the phosphates and nitrates. The more common origin of these nutrients are usually those urban poured (organic waste, detergents…), and agricultural or cattle poured and especially the fertilizers used. When an aquatic ecosystem leaves loading of nutritious, the water is muddled, the algae grows, the oxygen wears out, and the biodiversity weakens.

The acid rain: Rain similar to the normal one but with a smaller PH that affects directly to the leaves of the plants, buildings, and aquatic ecosystems… the contamination originated can arrive to the human organism by breathing. It is caused mainly by the combustion of fossil hydrocarbons (SO2, NOx, NH3) that arrives to the atmosphere and are absorbed by the rain.

The Smog: It takes place in some cities when the combination of certain climatological circumstances and some concrete pollutants concur at the same time. Two types can be found: Industrial smog that nowadays is associated with the traffic smooth, and the photochemical smog that worsens in places with dry, warm and sunny climate, and especially in summer.


Environmental services

Our company offers environmental engineering solutions, ecodesign and all type of projects for the sustainable development of the companies.

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Sustainable development

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